Welcome to Dr. Srinivas to join our group! 欢迎司马锐夕博士!

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Dr. Srinivas was born at Madurai, Tamil Nadu province in India. After completion of his school education, he joined Vivekananda college. Madurai. Under Madurai Kamaraj University, graduated with BSc. degree in Chemistry in 2009. After that, he joined the department of chemistry Pondicherry university graduated with M.Sc. degree in Chemistry in 2013. Then he worked as an Assistant Professor at Department of Chemistry Vivekananda college. under Madurai Kamaraj University. Later he has been awarded CAS-TWAS President Fellowship-2014 to pursue his Ph.D. study under the supervision of Professor Zhiyong Tang. at National Center for Nanoscience and Technology. under University of Chinese Academy of Science.  His research focuses on Design and Controllable Synthesis of Metal Organic Frameworks for Industrial Important Selective Oxidation Reactions.

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